San Francisco Structural Engineering Seminars

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Following more than a decade of successful presentations, BYA Publications is pleased to announce the 13th consecutive year of the most comprehensive Structural Engineering Review Seminars. The 14 session expanded program (95 hours) is comprised of detailed interactive presentations of a selection of problems targeted for the NCEES SE exam. We also include discussions of the most recent developments in structural and seismic engineering. These seminars also provide the best in-depth review of the 2009 IBC code provisions, even for those not taking the exam.

Who should attend:

·Individuals preparing for the California Structural Engineer Exam or PE Seismic Exam
·Structural Engineering Professionals and Educators
·Plan Review Engineers

Seminar Dates

Date Description Instructor
June 7 Wind & Seismic Ben Yousefi, MS, SE
June 28 Concrete Design, Part II Chris Tokas, MS, SE
June 29 Concrete Design, Part II Chris Tokas, MS, SE
July 12 Steel Design, Part I Dr. Michael Engelhardt, Ph.D, PE
July 13 Steel Design, Part II Dr. Michael Engelhardt, Ph.D, PE
July 26 Wood Design, Part I Kelly Cobeen, MS, SE
July 27 Wood Design, Part II Kelly Cobeen, MS, SE
August 9 Concrete Design, Part III Chris Tokas, MS, SE
August 10 Concrete Design, Part IV Chris Tokas, MS, SE
August 23 Bridge Design Fahim Hakemi, MS, SE
September 6 Steel Design, Part III Dr. Michael Engelhardt, Ph.D, PE
September 7 Steel Design, Part IV Dr. Michael Engelhardt, Ph.D, PE
September 13 Masonry Design Dr. Chukwuma Ekwueme, Ph.D., SE
October 4 Overview/ Analysis Ben Yousefi, MS, SE

All classes are on Saturdays or Sundays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

25921 Industrial Blvd.,
Hayward, CA, 94545
(510) 782-5000

Since the workshops are also presented in the Los Angeles area, current participants who miss any of the sessions or would like to see a repeat of a program can attend the respective Los Angeles session at no charge.

About the Instructors

Kelly E. Cobeen, MS, SE.

Mrs. Cobeen is an Associate Principle with WJE. Her code activities include the American Forest and Paper Association Wood Design Standards Committee, ASCE Design of Timber Structures Standards Committee (ASCE-16), past chair SEAOC Building Code Committee, Building Seismic Safety Council NEHRP, Wood Design Technical Subcommittee, and Provisions Update Committee. Kelly is co-author of two editions of the Design of Wood Structures textbook, and was a manager for CURE - Caltech Woodframe Project.


Michael Engelhardt, Ph.D., PE.

Dr. Engelhardt is a professor of structural engineering at the University of Texas in Austin. Dr. Engelhardt specializes in the behavior and design of earthquake-resistant steel structures. In addition to several years of industrial experience he has published more than 60 technical articles and reports. He was one of pioneers of research on moment frame connections for the post Northridge era. He currently serves on the AISC Committees on Seismic Design Provisions and Prequalified Connections.


Chukwume Ekwueme, Ph.D., SE.

Dr. Ekwueme is a Associate Principle with the Hart-Weidlinger Division of Weidlinger Associates. He is on the Board of Directors of The Masonry Society and is an associate member of the flexure and axial load and seismic subcommittees of the Masonry Standards Joint Committee (MSJC). Dr Ekwueme is a registered Civil and Structural engineer in the State of California.


Fahim Hakimi, MS, SE

Fahim Hakimi is Project Manager and Senior Structural Engineer with the URS, Santa Ana Office. He has over 23 years of experience and has been involved in planning and design of many bridge and transportation related structures for municipal, state and federal agencies. Fahim was the recipient of the "Outstanding Engineering Merit Award" from the Orange County Engineering Council in year 2011.


Chris Tokas, MS, SE

Chris Tokas, MS, SE is Principal Structural Engineer for OSHPD and the Manager for the Seismic Retrofit Program for Hospital Facilities in California. Mr. Tokas has 18 years of experience in structural engineering and design. He has been teaching seminars at the University of California, Davis and the California State University, Sacramento. His code activities include FEMA 310, the AISC Connections Pre-qualification Committee, PCA Concrete Technology Advisory Council, ASCE-7 Seismic Subcommittee, and he was past Chair of the SEAOC Seismology Committee.


Ben Yousefi, MS, SE., CBO

President, BYA Consultants, Los Angeles, CA. Ben has over 25 years of experience in structural design and review which includes design of nuclear power plants and review of numerous major structures. He is a former member of the IBC structural Review Committee and former chair of ICBO Lateral Design Committee. Ben has been involved in code adoption of structural provisions from the 1994 UBC through the 2003 IBC. He currently serves on the ASCE-7 Seismic Subcommittee and the AISC Connections Pre-qualification Committee (358). He has also been the Editor of the “Structural Engineering Review Manual” for the past 20 years.


Printable Application/Registration Form: