Results & Testimonials

·Exam Results

Exam Results

Year BYA Workshop Students Statewide Passing Rate
2001 24% 12%
2002 45% 34%
2003 34% 25%
2004 CA Exam 42% CA Exam 36%
2004 SE II 58% SE II 49%
2005 CA Exam 49% CA Exam 30%
2005 SE II 67% SE II 50%
2006 CA Exam 45% CA Exam 34%
2006 SE II 54% SE II 33%
2007 CA Exam 50% CA Exam 30%
2007 SE II 65% SE II 38%
2008 CA Exam 63% CA Exam 36%
2008 SE II 67% SE II 51%
2009 CA Exam 75% CA Exam 50%
2009 SE II 63% SE II 50%


Your class helped me not only with the exam, but I learned new things as well. Also, it was helpful hearing other attendees’ questions and concerns. There is some degree of mystery with the exam, and your class definitely lays out what to expect. Your class was the jolt, and you do a great job. Well done.

Bob Reed, S.E., GFDS Engineers, San Francisco

I took both exams, and passed both. It was my first time taking either, and I know that taking your class helped tremendously. Thank you for organizing such a thorough review course!

Lori Holloway, S.E., MBA Structural Engineers, Walnut Creek

Thank you again for the informative and helpful review course.  I took both the national and state exam and passed both! 

Doug McCan, S.E., EBI Consulting, San Clemente

Ben, I wanted to thank you for organizing such a great review workshop.  I passed both the National/California exams on my first attempt.  Your class prepared me perfectly for the exam.  Nothing on the exam caught me by surprise.  I studied your example problems and the instructor's class notes extremely thoroughly and it proved to be a very efficient method of studying.  I recommend your workshop to any engineer serious about passing the exam.

Darin Fong S.E., Kramer and Lawson Structural Engineers, Tustin

Passed!  It was unbelievable.  I'd like to thank you because I know I couldn't have done it without being exposed to the code through your class.  You and all the speakers were excellent at touching on most of the important topics.  I still had to study, more than I have for anything, to prepare for the test.  At least I knew where to go and could recognize what they were asking. 

David Wolfson, S.E., Richard Brady & Associates, San Diego